The history of Mermaids Cove Caravan Park

Mermaids Cove Caravan Park was established more than sixty years ago by Mr Patrick & Mary Clancy. The inspiration for the idea to open a Caravan Park came from Patrick's father Michael Clancy, who in the early 1900's went to Miami, Florida and saw the concept of holidaying with "homes on wheels". Many folk back then thought that it was a crazy idea, as most of the income came from farming. Sadly, Michael passed away and the idea of Mermaids Cove Caravan Park did not become a reality until Patrick, his youngest son put the idea into motion. Together, with his wife Mary they developed a successful business.

Today, more than sixty years later. Mermaids Cove is still going from strength to strength. Their son Padraig is now Managing Director of Mermaids Cove. Who has taken it into the twenty first century. Patrick & Mary still keep an active role in the business and enjoy meeting all the new visitors who choose Mermaids Cove as their holiday destination.

If you or your family ever stayed at Mermaids Cove, we would love to hear from you?. Any pictures or stories that create a happy memory for you please email us at our contact page here.